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The UVA will offer from the academic course 2017/2018 on a postgraduate degree applied to businesses.
The Faculty of Commerce (UVA) will offer from the academic course of 2017/2018 on, from 14th October to 29th of April, a new postgraduate degree in ‘Specific Specialization in Neuroscience applied to businesses’ with the objective to train qualified professionals in design, implementation and evaluation of efficient corporate strategies.
The formation, embedded in social sciences, includes knowledge in neuroeconomics, market research, neuromarketing, consumer behaviour, ‘neuromanagement’ and internal as well as external communication strategies and the required skills to mediate in decision-making processes.
In order to fulfil these aims, the faculty has a wide range of professors and specialists on toplevel, coordinated by the professor of the department of Business Organization, Marketing and Investigation Clara de Pedro Garabito and of the director of Sociograph Neuromarketing Elena Martín Guerra.
The degree takes place on-site of the Faculty and includes 25 ECTS, which subdivide into practical and theoretical lessons, Friday from 4pm to 9pm, and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.
The Time period of pre-inscription starts on 1st September until 22 September and the matriculation period will be from 25 September to 1 October. For more information please contact the following e-mail address:
This new degree arose from the commitment of the Faculty of Commerce to constantly actualize study contents and adapt them to the professional profiles, areas of knowledge and the specializations demanded by the labour market.